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The FCCLA logo shows that FCCLA is a dynamic, active organization bound for the future. The dominant collegiate lettering articulates a focus on education and student leadership. The swooping arch embodies an active organization that moves toward new arenas. The color of the emblem is one of the organizational colors—red.

It is a national policy that the organization’s name and logo may be used only in connection with programs and projects directly related to the mission and purposes of FCCLA. The name and logo of FCCLA may not be used on commercially developed or member-developed products for sale to the public except as authorized by FCCLA national headquarters.


Official colors contribute to the organization's national unity and provide national identity. The FCCLA colors are—Red (PMS 185) and White. Red suggests strength, courage, and determination— personal qualities leading to happiness through a positive self-image. White symbolizes sincerity of purpose and integrity of action, qualities that will help individuals build a better tomorrow.


CMYK:0, 91, 76, 0
RGB:239, 62, 66


Using the Logo/Emblem

View the Logo and Tagline Usage Guidelines

Rules and Regulations

  • When the logo is reproduced, it should be an exact replica of the official logo.
  • Do not alter the logo's wording, design, or proportions.
  • The logo should appear in red (PMS 185), black, or white (not other colors).

The following guidelines are recommended when wearing the official emblem.

  • Wear the emblem over the heart or on a jacket pocket.
  • Avoid wearing the emblem in combination with other school organizations emblems or seals or in combination with the school's name.

For all your communication needs

FCCLA's goal in creating The Guide to Promoting FCCLA is that members and advisers can take the pieces and promote what they do in FCCLA to the public. Gaining name recognition on the local, state, and national levels will benefit the members as well as the organization. Use the pieces found online in The Guide to Promoting FCCLA kit to promote your activities throughout the year.

FCCLA Guide to Promoting FCCLA



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