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Tips for Effective Fundraising

Use the below tips to enhance your chapter's activities and boost leadership development.

  1. Start simple! As with everything FCCLA, start small and work your way up to big projects. Beginning a chapter, recruiting members, and planning a budget are overwhelming so do what you know works. Find out what other advisers in your state are doing or use one of the ideas listed below.
  2. Use activities that teach. The most successful fundraising activities provide extra learning opportunities and leadership experience for students. These can be as simple as a student organized bake sale or as complex as beginning a school store. Choose something that fits the community’s needs. Let the students take the reins, hold their hands when they need, and enjoy watching them succeed!
  3. Schedule activities throughout the year—and the summer. Students are busy at the beginning of the year with many back to school activities and readjusting to a school schedule. Additionally, the community is bombarded with fundraising projects during the first semester of the year. Work with a group of students, perhaps officers or a fundraising committee, to develop projects that can be done during the summer. These can include car washes, catering, or running a concession stand at a local ballpark.
  4. Set a budget for the year. As a budgeting exercise, have students set a budget for the year. Make sure they include travel, meeting registrations, project expenses, and the capital necessary to begin raising additional funds. Figuring out how much the chapter will spend, will help motivate fundraising efforts.
  5. Build community loyalty. The most successful fundraisers we hear about are those that are “expected” year after year. These often coincide with other community events and can be easy like selling roses before a Valentine’s Day banquet or an annual community yard sale during Homecoming week.
  6. Begin a long term project. This year start a new project that will last several years. Start a catering, childcare, or other business. Repeat clients will not only provide a steady income, but they will help add more clients, and money, to your chapter.
  7. Make business and industry connections. Involving business and industry leaders in your chapter will pay off in the long run. Local businesses who believe in your chapter’s success may offer grants or sponsorships to attend state or national meetings. With a little finesse, they will be interested in offering mentoring or internships to your members.

Favorite Fundraiser

Do you have a favorite fundraiser you would like to share with other chapter advisers? Click here to submit your favorite fundraiser.

Slow Pitch Softball Tournament
Dee Kirby, South Shelby High School, MO

My favorite Fundraiser is a slow pitch softball tournament that we do in the spring for adults. Teams pay an entry fee, the trophies are donated by a local business, and we have members do the umpiring for the day, in 2 hour shifts. During the time period we run a concession stand. We normally clear around $1500.00 during the one day event.

FCCLA Alumni and Friends Tour of Tables
Mary Remund, Elkton High School, SD

Red Apple Fundraising
Miranda Goodlett, Mercer County High School, KY

Cookies Fundraiser
Elaine Bowling, Lakewood Ranch High School, FL

Matching Fundraising Program
Kris Brockhoft, Winner High School, SD

Make and Sell Suckers
Brenda Rogers, Chapman High School, SC

Valentines Cookies
Kathy Werner, Swink High School, CO

Personalized Items
Melisa Rhodes, Breckenridge High School, TX


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