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Use #X to let your friends know you’re about to drive and can’t respond.


"It Can Wait" Campaign


Texting while driving is dangerous.  Therefore, FCCLA stands with AT&T as they expand their "It Can Wait" campaign to discourage all drivers, but particularly young people, that no text message is worth the damages it can cause.

We recommend that teenagers and their parents take a pledge to drive safely and put the phone away while driving.  By working as a family, we can spread the word about the risks of texting and driving.

You can be be part of this effort by planning events and projects in your school and community to help others understand the risks and change their behavior.  Check out these resources to get started and opportunities for recognition.  Make sure you plan a way for your chapter to get people to pledge not to text and drive on pledge day, September 19!  Tell us what you're doing by emailing




It Can Wait Drive 4 Pledges Day- September 19, 2014 

What can you do in your school?

  • Host a pledge signing rally on September 19
  • Post signs throughout your school reminding students to not text and drive
  • Organize FCCLA members to remind peers not to text and drive while leaving the parking lot
  • Take the pledge and post your texting while driving story to
  • Share It Can Wait information on your school's or FCCLA chapter's social media pages
  • Try the Texting While Driving Simulator with your student body


FCCLA and Causes Campaign

A movement is accomplished through the voices and actions of many. We urge you to share your commitment to never text and drive with others on Drive 4 Pledges Day, September 19. The message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, It Can Wait®. Part of your action should be participating in our latest It Can Wait campaign on Causes.

Causes is teaming up with FCCLA to spread the word about the many dangers of texting while driving. When you watch a preview of the powerful documentary about the impact of texting and driving or take the pledge, AT&T will donate $1 to FCCLA, up to $95,000, and you become part of a movement to make our roads safer. The money raised this fall will be used to support youth driver advocacy programs across the country run by FCCLA.


 Do you have a question or suggestion about the "It Can Wait" Campaign?  Email FCCLA at


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