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Approved by FCCLA’s Board of Directors, July 2011

The National Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for members to convey to others the positive and professional image of FCCLA. Members’ behavior in the hotels and throughout the National Leadership Conference is the only image others in the hotel and host city may ever have of our organization. Student conduct and dress should contribute to the positive and professional image of FCCLA.  The FCCLA official blazer is always appropriate and strongly encouraged.  Advisers and chaperones are responsible for enforcing the dress policy with their students.  Delegates and guests not adhering to the dress policy will not be admitted into sessions. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support in putting forth a positive image of FCCLA throughout the National Leadership Conference! 



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·       Red, black, or white polo or oxford shirt (long or short sleeves)

·       Black or khaki dress slacks/pants/capris (no shorts)

·     Black or khaki skirts – no shorter than 2 inches above the knee

·       Dress shoes or sandals

·       Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable


·       Red, black, or white polo or oxford shirt (long or short sleeves)

·       Black dress slacks or khaki pants (no shorts)

·       Dress shoes

·     Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable 


Exception: Culinary Arts participants are welcome to wear their Chef’s Attire during the STAR Events Recognition Sessions.


Advisers/ Chaperones/ Guests

·       Business casual

·       Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable

STAR EVENTS PARTICIPANTS|                                                                                                                               

STAR Events participants are expected to adhere to the published dress code for all general sessions, workshops, and the STAR Events Recognition Session. For participation in competition, follow event specifications for dress, and wear appropriate clothing for the nature of the presentation.  If attending conference activities prior to or immediately after a STAR Events presentation, be prepared to change into clothing that meets the mandatory conference dress code. 


CASUAL ATTIRE | STATE MEETINGS | TUESDAY SPECIAL EVENT                                           

All Attendees

·       Casual slacks, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear and tennis shoes

 Please note, if you are attending the Special Event you are still required to follow the mandatory dress policy for the Business Session. You are encouraged to bring casual attire to change into rather than returning to your room to avoid missing your assigned bus departure. FCCLA Alumni & Associates will store your possessions for $1 at the Swag Stop, see hours located in the Schedule at a Glance.



 Females and Males

        ·       Semi-formal – You are able to wear semi-formal attire to the Closing General Session if you are attending the Gala. 

        ·      Causal attire, including jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear and athletic shoes are NOT included in semi-formal attire


Advisers/ Chaperones/ Guests

·       Semi-formal or business casual

·       Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear, and athletic shoes are NOT included



  • Skin-tight or revealing clothing
  • Midriff-baring clothing
  • Extremely short skirts (shorter than 2 inches above the knee)
  • Clothing with printing that is suggestive, obscene or promotes illegal substances
  • Athletic clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Rubber, beach type flip flops
  • Night wear (pajamas) should not be worn outside of your hotel room 


Dress Code Quotes:

  • “I like the new dress code. I think it’s great!!”
  • “The new dress code is a move in the right direction. We believe it has helped with marketing FCCLA in state.”
  • "It was so cool seeing everyone in the general sessions dressed in red, black, or white.” 
  • “Thank you for the dress code.”
  • "I like that we are doing this, even though I was skeptical in the beginning."

 Ultimate Image Award:

The FCCLA Ultimate Image Award recognizes the state delegation attending the National Leadership Conference that exemplifies the appropriate FCCLA image. State advisers determine which state delegation best represents the FCCLA image of professional appearance and courteous behavior. The winning state delegation will be announced during the Closing General Session.




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